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Dr. Choon-Leong Lou

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Dr. CL LOU has served as CEO and CTO since founding STAr Technologies in 2000 and is responsible for charting business strategies and product development. He is also the Executive Director of Innotech Corporation (9880:TYO) in charge of the Test System business unit.

Dr. LOU ‘s has led teams of R&D engineers to developed world leading products such as memory and mixed-signal ATEs, parametric and reliability test systems, MEMS vertical and micro-cantilever probe cards. These products have been deployed to major semiconductor companies and instrumental to the test accuracy, reliability qualification, and yield performance of the wafers. STAr has continuously excelled for the past 20 years and will expect to expand exponentially in the years to come.

Dr. LOU holds B. Eng. And Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from National University of Singapore in 1994 and 1997, respectively and has obtained EMBA degree from Golden Gate University in 1999. He holds more than 30 published papers and 100 international patents.

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New MEMS Probe Card Technologies for Challenging Wafer Tests Needs

The advent of new applications such as 5G/6G communications, automotive electronics, artificial intelligence, etc., resulting in many wafer-level tests challenges. These challenges include high-speed tests, tri-temperature tests, fine-pitch pad/pillar, high-power (low-voltage high-current), etc.

We will present some possible solutions with new generation MEMS probe card technologies to meet these challenging issues. The technological solutions include adaptive interposers, CTE matching space transformers, coaxial MEMS probes, Kelvin MEMS probes, etc. STAr’s many new advancements have enabled us to work closely with customers to develop dedicated MEMS probe cards for new test requirements while lowering COT (Cost-of-Tests) continuously.

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STAr Technologies has been instrumental in developing and deploying high-value vertical probe technologies for more than a decade. In 2021, we delivered world first fine-pitch high-current MEMS vertical probe card for high-volume manufacturing. In this meeting, we will introduce you the probing technology and solutions to enhance production efficiency.

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