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Dr. Jim Lin

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  • Senior Director, Advanced Packaging and Memory Packaging Research and Development
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Dr. Jim Lin is Senior Director of Advanced Packaging and Memory Packaging Research and Development at Powertech Technology Inc. (PTI). Prior to Senior Director, Dr. Lin was Director of Memory Packaging Research & Development.

Dr. Lin joined PTI in 2006, led the development of memory packaging technology. Developed technologies including 8 to 32 chips memory stacking package, system integrated package of SSD, Package on Package(PoP), Heterogeneous multi-chip package(MCP), 3D TSV interconnection High Bandwidth Memory(HBM) and Fan-out Panel Level Package (FOPLP).

Dr. Lin received his M.S. and Ph.D. degree both from National Tsing Hua University in Power Mechanical Engineering.

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Advanced Packaging Solutions and Applications with FO Technology

As the need for a smarter future, powered by automotive, AI, 5G, and IoT, combined with the advancement of semiconductor wafer node is still strong. However, advanced wafer node with higher I/O density which means the I/O pitch and density of substrate can hardly keep up with that of IC’s. In order to bridge the ever widening gap between IC and substrate, we have to turn to the advanced packaging for bridging the two.

The term “Fan-out packaging” became a hot topic for the advanced packaging. While many of the players focus on the wafer form Fan-out, PTI developed panel form which provides more flexibilities and manufacturing efficiency to meet customer’s demand. The solution can cover a wide array of application ranging from small I/O device to complex multi chiplet integration, either heterogeneously or homogeneously. Although FOPLP (Fan-out Panel Level Package) technology has many challenges, PTI still rolled into mass production. Nowadays we are engaging with many new applications.

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Powertech Technology Inc. (PTI), the world’s leading OSAT, was founded in 1997. We serve the international customers with services including chip bumping, chip probing, IC assembly, final testing, burn in, and system level assembly. In 2018, PTI began the construction of the newest Fan Out Panel Level Package manufacturing facility in Hsinchu Science Park. PTI has over 20,000 employees world wide, and manufacturing facility located in Taiwan, China, and Japan. PTI dedicates her efforts in developing advanced technologies, while carrying on as the world’s leading memory packaging and testing solution provider. Through strategic alliances and resource integration, PTI group relentlessly marches onward in the semiconductor packaging and testing field.

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