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Dr. Ofer Shacham

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Dr. Shacham is Vice President, Head of Silicon, at Meta Reality Labs. He takes pride in building a vertically integrated Silicon organization from the ground up. Shacham works to constantly redefine what is possible with custom silicon, and in turn how humans and computers interact. To co-design hardware-software systems in order to give the world seamlessly blended virtual and real experiences.

Before Meta, Shacham worked for Google leading Silicon Design and Implementation for Consumer Hardware. Shacham initiated and led Google’s Pixel Visual Core & Pixel Neural Core, from idea to deployment on all Pixel Phones. Shacham also led some generations of Titan security chip, the early phases of the Pixel 6 Tensor Chip, and more.

Shacham joined Google as part of Google’s acquisition of Chip Genesis–a company he co-founded as a spin-out of the research he led at Stanford. Before Stanford Shacham worked for IBM R&D labs in Israel. Shacham also served in an elite Israeli Navy Unit.

Ofer Shacham holds a BSc degree from Tel Aviv University, and MSc and PhD degrees from Stanford University where he also served as academic staff. Dr. Shacham is a highly cited author for dozens of patents and scientific papers. Areas of interest are research, development and productization of outstanding research where hardware and software meet under strict power, form factor, and performance requirements.

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How The Semiconductor Industry Is Poised to Enable The Metaverse

The Metaverse is the next evolution in social technologies and the successor to the mobile internet. But what is the role of the semiconductor industry in facilitating the Metaverse? And why should semiconductor companies invest in this field? What new experiences and value will users get from such investments? In this talk, we will discuss these questions and a point of view on the answers. We will explore some key enabling technologies for Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. These technologies will actualize the Metaverse vision and will usher in a new paradigm of human-computer interaction. We believe these technologies will also fuel the next two decades of semiconductor innovation.

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