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Dr. Tung Yi Chan

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Tung-Yi has been the president of Winbond Electronics Corp. in 2009 – 2020, a world leading code storage Flash supplier and one of the major suppliers in specialty DRAM. He has worked in Intel in advanced MOSFET device technologies, Cypress in SRAM and EPROM technologies, and Siliconix in power device technologies. He has been CEO of BCD Semiconductor in Shanghai China, an IDM in power devices. He is currently vice chairman and deputy CEO of Winbond Electronics Corp.

Through work in those companies and different geographic area, Tung-Yi accumulated wide experience in technology development, marketing, sales, and business management. He received BS degree in Electrical Engineering from National Taiwan University, MS and Ph.D. degrees in Electrical Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley, and MS degree in Management from Stanford University.

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Hardware Security in Internet Connected Platforms and Certification

There are increasing attacks on internet connected devices, while most IoT devices, many still based on legacy systems, do not have adequate security capability. Many security regulations and standards are being driven by UN, USA, and industries, and will be enforced by 2024. Hardware security will become mandatory in many IoT devices and automotive. And security certification are required.

This speech demonstrates the framework to integrate MCU and Secure Flash memory (Flash memory with integrated security functions) to build secure IoT platform with “Root of Trust” and “secure storage”. The process of security certification, the challenges and the trend are explored. Two applications of Secure Flash to implement “substantial security platform” and “high level security platform” are illustrated.

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Winbond is a specialty memory IC company engaged in design, manufacturing and sales services. From product design, research and development, and wafer fabrication to the marketing of brand name products, Winbond endeavors to provide its global clientele top quality low to medium density memory solutions.

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