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Dr. Yu-Hua Chen

  • Unimicron
  • VP Carrier SBU/RD Division
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Yu-Hua Chen received the Ph.D. Degree in Chemistry from National Taiwan University, Taiwan, R.O.C., in 2001. Since 2001, he has been with the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), Electronics and Optoelectronic Research Laboratories (EOL), as a member of the Packaging Technology Division in 2001~2012. Since 2012, he joined the Unimicron to develop the next generation advanced substrate technology. He published more than 50 papers in semiconductor package related conference and got more than 50 patents in US, TW, and CN.

Currently he is the technical committee member of Semicon Taiwan, TPCA, ECTC, IMPACT, and the member of the Industry and Technology Program Review Committee of the MOEA DoIT & IDB and MOST. He had invited talk in Semicon Taiwan, JPCA, IMPACT, TPCA, EDSSC, Internepcon, ICEP, JIEP, Pan Pacific SMTA.

He also got the awards of Yearly Outstanding Young Engineer Award in 2009; Outstanding Technical Paper Awards of ICEP-IAAC in 2015; Outstanding Interactive Presentation Paper of ECTC 2016; Best Interactive Presentation Paper of ECTC 2019; 7th National Industrial Innovation Award in 2021.

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Advanced Substrate Trend for Multichip Heterogeneous Integration

Heterogeneous integrations are driven by Moore’s Law, and advanced packaging plays a critical role for semiconductor supply chain. Unimicron covered most less than 7nm IC carrier and foresee the high-end substrates will be continuously shortage. Heterogeneous integration of high-end products existed from 2.5D planar interconnect (Si interposer, EMIB) to 3D die-to-die stacking (WoW, SoIC, Foveros). Advanced substrate development is driven by extreme body size/high layer counts, heat dissipation, low loss material…etc.

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Unimicron is a world leading company of printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing. Major products include PCBs, high density interconnection (HDI) boards, flexible PCBs, rigid flex PCBs, and integrated circuit (IC) substrates. Product applications include smartphones, PC/NB, server, optical module, automotive and more. Unimicron’s global footprint encompass manufacturing sites and/or service centers in Taiwan, China, Germany, and Japan, to deliver high value-added, high quality and high productivity innovation and service to our global customers.

Unimicron’s high-end substrate solutions, FCBGA and FCCSP, provide our valued customers the technologies crucial in meeting today’s fast-growing development of 5G, HPC and AIoT applications. Our customer-oriented service, high quality standards, and innovative breakthroughs have helped Unimicron achieve the honor of ranking No.1 among the global substrate suppliers by market share for the 5th consecutive year since Y2016. At this brink of technology inflection, Unimicron will continue to collaborate with our customers in delivering world’s best semiconductors.

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