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Herbert Oetzlinger

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Herbert Oetzlinger , graduated HTL Braunau 1987 in high power electronics/ electrotechnics,

Herbert worked in the Semiconductor industry for 30+ years, focused on wet processing.

Special focus on advanced packaging in electroplating and wet etching/cleaning of wafers and substrates. For many years he was VP of Sales with Semitool Inc, where he excelled with his in-depth knowledge of process and hardware. During this time, Herbert worked with many worldwide leading companies on Fan-out, E-WLB and other new developments in wafer level advanced packaging.

In 2012, he founded Semsysco GmbH and is also heading the company as CEO.

Semsysco is a world leader in high speed electrochemical deposition with a pedigree and expertise in all-around wet processing for wafer and panel level.

  • Presentation

Roadmap on Wet Processing for Advanced PLP Technology

  • What enables advanced PLP wet processing
  • Where are we today, what is coming next
  • Focal points to consider that drive the CoO for wet processing PLP technology.
  • What panel size is the right one
  • What technologies are targeting PLP
  • Currently there are three different industries are going after the advanced Panel Level Packaging (PLP) market. These are:
  1. the PCB producers,
  2. the (wafer) OSAT’s and
  3. the display industry with their obsolete production lines.

Because of this, the variety of different panel sizes, materials and thicknesses is larger than all wafer varieties together. In order to decrease cost and increase efficiency, standardisation is desperately needed. Advanced PLP requires wafer level process performance such as precision, uniformity, foreign particle free processing all of which ultimately leads to necessary yield levels.

This presentation tries to point where we are today and how to reduce capex and CoO.

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SEMSYSCO is a global company, specialized in providing innovative wet process solutions for the semiconductor industries with a strong focus on advanced packaging technologies.

Long-term experience of qualified engineers enables us to provide cutting edge, reliable and sustainable quality on a continuous basis.

With SEMSYSCOs innovative processing platforms, it is possible to scale processes to different substrate sizes, even from wafer processes to vertical panel and substrate processing.

SEMSYSCO Sales and Service organization expands around the globe, while its manufacturing and engineering expertise is kept strictly in Austria.

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