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Roland Rettenmeier, MBA

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  • Senior Manager Product Marketing BU Advanced Packaging, Evatec AG
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Roland Rettenmeier qualified as a Mechanical Engineer in 1997 and completed his MBA studies at Vienna and Danube Universities in Austria in 2005. He has also extended his education through many further formal international courses and programs since that time (e.g. Six Sigma Program with AT&S and Nokia; Innovation Technology Leader at Stanford University).

Roland has worked in the field of Electronics and Semiconductor manufacturing since 2001, managing multiple international projects. After joining Evatec in 2016 as Senior Product Marketing Manager (PMM) within the Business Unit for Advanced Packaging, he focused on business development for Panel Level Packaging where Evatec has now become the recognised market leader for thin film technology solutions. Since 2020 he has also supported development of Evatec’s wafer level packaging solutions business.

In addition to his market and customer responsibilities, Roland represents Evatec in the Panel Level Packaging consortium of Fraunhofer IZM Berlin, in the Packaging Research Center at Georgia Tech, USA and in the Panel Level Packaging Consortium at the NCAP in Wuxi, China.

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Advanced Ti+Cu Seed Sputter Technologies for Glass Substrates with Through Glass Via and Through Glass Cavities as well as Low-K Polymer Laminated Glass Substrates

With increased bandwidth requirements for commercial, high performance computing and artificial intelligence applications, there is a need to increase the IO density of fine line features, small microvias and low-K dielectrics in future IC-Substrates and interposers. While BEOL processing has enabled achieving very high-density interconnects in Silicon-based integration systems on wafer level – like Intel’s EMIB technology with BEOL techniques has accomplished 225 IOs/mm/layer with < 2 mm L/S., panel scale packaging using m-SAP and SAP RDL, could only accommodate <50 IOs/mm/layer. The near-future needs of the advanced technologies should be able to overcome the shortcomings of the current interposer technologies that include: 1) low-K materials with dielectric constants much lower than that of SiO2, 2) ability to support data rates greater than 10 Gbps with low resistance and capacitance, 3) low cost panel scale processes with potential to increase fine line features and scale up substrates sizes. Evatec has carried out extensive research together with Institutes and Cooperation partner on new materials and process developments along with their optimization on glass substrates as a viable low cost technology for next generation IC-Substrates and large interposers. This work presents a review of the current Ti+Cu Seed Sputter technologies with their capabilities and limits. As well as strategies that have the potential to enable future design rules and ideas.

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Evatec delivers complete thin film deposition solutions in Advanced Packaging, Semiconductor, Optoelectronics and Photonics – from UBM /RDL processes in FOWLP and FOPLP applications, to deposition of high performance piezoelectrics like AlScN for 5G networks or NIR bandpass filters for 3D sensing, face and gesture recognition in our smart devices. We deliver tailored production solutions with batch, cluster or inline architecture according to your substrate format, throughput, process and fab integration requirements. Evatec’s Advanced Process Control (APC) technologies set new standards in deposition through ‘in situ” capability for control of film properties during the deposition cycle. Reduce your process development times, enhance repeatability and yields or increase tool throughput.

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