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Stephen Coates

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Stephen has previously held executive level engineering & operations roles in silicon & compound semiconductor & displays technology companies including VP Operations at DigiLens, VP Operations at Symmorphix Thin Films Inc, VP Operations at Fultec Semiconductor Inc/Bourns & VP Production Engineering at MaxQ Technology heading up power module design & manufacture. A seasoned technology executive with 30 years’ experience in engineering, manufacturing operations, supply chain management and quality. Stephen has substantial experience in establishing and developing strategic supply chain relationships to support full product commercialization and high volume manufacturing, while also being an expert in device packaging, process development and integration. Stephen also previously held lead assessor qualifications for 3rd party audit to ISO 9000 & equivalent standards (eg TS16949/AS9100).

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The Proliferation of GaN in Automotive and DataCenter Applications

GaN and Electric Vehicles – A Small Change that Can Revolutionize the Industry

The design challenge for tomorrow’s generation of electric vehicles continues to intensify with a clear focus on the search for maximizing range, faster charging, and lower cost electrification systems. Gallium Nitride (GaN) power transistors are a significant part of addressing these industry challenges by enabling the creation of smaller, lighter, lower cost, and more efficient power systems that are free from the limitations of yesterday’s silicon-based solutions. By effectively changing the rules of transistor power electronics for the auto industry, GaN technology will enable EV companies to not only create new game changing products for their own business, but in the end – revolutionize the entire transportation industry and transform the world.

GaN and Data Centers – A Small Change that Can Revolutionize the Industry

We live in an increasingly ‘data and energy driven’ world that is following a clear trajectory of increasing reliance on and proliferation of data centers to handle the deluge of information that must be stored and processed. Data centers currently account for approximately 3% of the world’s energy use, a figure expected to quickly grow to 10%. Data center operators are faced with the challenge of making individual data centers more energy-efficient while increasing their compute capability. Lower energy costs as a result of reduced energy consumption could save them hundreds of millions of dollars every year and driving profitability.

Gallium Nitride (GaN) power transistors will play a central role in this transition to greater energy efficiency by enabling the creation of smaller, lighter, lower cost, and more efficient power systems that are free from the limitations imposed by yesterday’s silicon-based solutions. GaN technology will enable data center operators to not only drastically improve their own bottom line, but actually play a role in transforming an energy and data-dependent world.

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